Adventure Calling:

Heroes, after unraveling the mysteries of the Lost Shadows, it's time for a new quest! An ominous darkness spreads across the skies of Starencounter, obscuring the stars and bringing with it an impending threat. It is believed that these shadows are linked to the ancient dark forces you have faced before.

Your Destiny:

Investigate the origin of the Shadows in the Firmament, unravel their secrets, and find a way to dispel the darkness that grips the kingdom. The future of Starencounter depends on you!

What Awaits:

  • Reunite with old allies and discover the connection between the mysterious girl and the shadows.
  • Explore sacred sites and uncover ancient secrets about the heavens.
  • Journey beyond the firmament and confront creatures of darkness in a shadowy dimension.
  • Be the heroes Starencounter needs and restore light to the kingdom!

Join us on this epic campaign and write your names in the history of Starencounter!


Dungeon Master

Clebson, Shadow Weaver

P.S.: Stay tuned for the next letter, where the adventure begins! This was just a preview.